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Now we have a worldwide distribution contract for the subgrade stabilization system: The revolution in road construction!

Fire extinguishers and fire safety

We offer besides conventional fire extinguishing specialized fire safety solutions and we introduce new products in fire protection.

A complete range of offers

From systems in fire safety or fire protection to state of the art products in road construction or subgrade stabilization: We are your partner to contact with your questions.

An A to Z service

We offer you a one-stop shop: from consultancy via implementation to servicing, for fire safety systems to subgrade stabilization in road construction.

Fire extinguishing systems

Well-protected by our fire extinguishing systems anywhere in Zurich

Blue Climate AG offers all the services you need in fire extinguishing, from design through installation to the maintenance.

Quality and reliability are our primary concern.

What are fire extinguishing / sprinkler systems?

  • Sprinkler systems offer an all in one fire alarm and extinguishing function
  • Sprinklers only extinguish in the locations where extinguishing really is required.
    Away from the source of the fire, sprinklers remain closed.
  • The water that is released and used to extinguish the fire also holds back smoke and contaminants.
  • The cooling effect of the extinguishing water helps the fire fighters stay safer.
  • Water is the most economical extinguishing medium and, in principle, is available almost anywhere in the world.
  • Sprinkler systems are ready to be re-used very quickly after a fire.
  • A very wide variety of solutions are available to fight fires effectively
  • They offer the flexibility and options to adapt to the architecture of the building.


A good design is half the battle.

This approach secures valuable time for our customers and ensures that fire protection systems function well. If a fire occurrs, the fire protection and extinguishing systems need to take action to protect life, buildings and property.

Our design services enable buildings to be taken into service on time, including testing by the fire protection authorities .


The customers' instructions are carried out by our well-qualified workforce. In fire protection, confidence is everything, and we therefore place a very high value on a careful, high-quality installation that conforms to requirements. Because of our extensive network and skilled specialist workforce , we are only present on site for a very short time, thus helping to ensure rapid progress in the construction.

Direct, rapid communication is important to ensure that our clear processes and organisation benefit the customer effectively.

Naturally, we also carry out our work in accordance with the principles set out in ISO 9001/2000.


Fire protection systems need to be capable of functioning properly at all times so that people and valuable assets can be saved if a fire occurs. The law therefore already requires that fire protection solutions must be tested and maintained on a regular basis.